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Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Your son plays with dolls!

Boys play with dolls - some prefer to play with the dolls over trucks and dinosaurs – and that’s OK! In my opinion it makes boys more nurturing – gentler and compassionate towards others. They seem to have a better empathy for others, and they tend to be less aggressive during play. This does NOT mean they will be more feminine, nor have a different sexual preference when they reach maturity.
I understand that some may have a strong opinion against boys playing with dolls, however I see the developmental aspects of doll play, that transfer into everyday skill building. It’s not just the social / emotional facet of doll play that is a positive influence; it’s the practical life skills that are attained. Think about dressing skills. There is a lot of fine motor development in dressing and undressing dolls. There is a lot of role playing and dramatic play that goes with doll play. This takes a lot of cognitive ability to set the stage for pretending to be a Daddy. Speech and language skills are acquired and honed in. Dolls can be used to assist in expressing feelings. A sense of responsibility can also be reinforced through doll play.  This is just a sampling of the positive facet doll play offers.
Doll play is a realistic way to introduce the world in an empirical manner, to any child who is at a perceptive developmental stage. Young children – especially toddlers are like sponges and want to acquire knowledge of all things – dolls are a part of that. So whether the child playing with the doll is male or female should not be significant.
Leeanne A

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  1. Leeanne, I totally agree. I've also had some parents get worried or upset about boys playing 'feminine'-labelled games- and wrote a blog post about it- you might be interested: http://auntannieschildcare.blogspot.com.au/2011/01/is-my-little-boy-gay-he-likes-girls.html

    1. Oh wonderful post - thanks for sharing!

  2. This is wonderful Leeanne. Thanks for sharing this post with me. I think there should be no gender specific toys. I always wanted toys like my brothers and would always play with them.