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Saturday, 4 June 2011

Practical Life Montessori

These are a few of the Practical Life activities that I have in my classroom. It's amazing how popular they are, considering they are not fancy or expensive. Just goes to show you children want to learn new skills and task oriented activities are a great source of entertainment as well.

This was set out at Christmas time - the children used pincer grasp to transfer the pompoms to the icecube tray one by one.

This one is out all the time - the children use the squirt bottle to wet the mirror and then they use the cloth to dry it off
This is also out all the time - ironing and hanging clothes with clothes pegs.

An occasional activity - The children dump the beans onto the tray and then sweep them up with the dustpan and broom.

Dry pouring - I change the containers to match the season or theme, but it's always out as an activity. Here I have used small top hats and rice for St. Patricks Day.

In this activity the children will scoop up the rice with the spoon and then put it through the funnel into the plastic tub. We do this in different variations.

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