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Friday, 3 June 2011

Bonjour - French in the toddler classroom

When I started my employment at the Montessori School where I now work, I was pleased to find out they had a French teacher who was employed full time. She taught French everyday. However I was then disappointed to find out that the toddlers would not be having any French classes. With some discussion and a bit of proding, we got our French class. At the beginning, only 15 minutes once a week, then 15 minutes once a day.  Definitely not long enough, especially since the toddlers caught on very quickly, and loved the experience of learning a new language. With a little more proding we now have a 1/2 hour class everyday. Our toddlers know the names of many fruits and vegetables - they know body parts - several songs - they can count to 20 - they can name animals and vehicles - the list goes on. I am so proud of my toddler class for doing so well!
Here is our wonderful French teacher doing a finger play about '5 fingers'!
(ma main a cinq doigts,le pouce,l'index, le majeur, l'annulaire l'auriculaire /
My hand has five fingers, thumb, index finger, middle finger, ring finger, little finger)

Sometimes it's hard for a little guy to stay awake - but he really does love French class! LOL

This is one of our favorite action songs!

Traditonal favorite!

We must keep in mind that toddlers are capable of learning up to 4 languages at the same time, so why not ensure the opportunity to do so is in place. During the day the teachers in the classroom also support the french the children have learned. They encourage the children to repeat french words and sing the french songs they have mastered.

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