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Monday, 27 June 2011

Communication reflection

I need to try and become less distracted by internal and external influences during my interactions with others. A determined effort to become more focused and in the moment is required. It’s very easy for me to look beyond the immediate and think about what is occurring in my direct vicinity, or what is occurring in my life. Everything from a sound in the distance, to a bird flying outside the window, or a fleeting thought, can pull me in another direction. So I have to consciously be aware of that at all time and avoid doing so. I practice being an active listener to the best of my ability, however I am sure I have undiagnosed ADHD as it appears to be a huge family trait.
Perhaps some aspects of my ‘honesty’ should be limited if it will not be well received by the listener. It is so important to me to be honest and open and to be very clear in what my thoughts are. The result - I may not care to censor myself in some aspects of a conversation. To avoid this it takes tremendous effort, as I feel it’s more important to get the word out, than to be closed off to self expression.
I should consider not being so open during impersonal communication, as it may be deemed too forward by some. Hence picking and choosing what and with whom I will share certain information. Too much information can be a barrier, as others may not care to respond in kind – therefore shutting them off from the interaction. The conversation can then become imbalanced.
I could make some changes that are deemed more positive in nature, by allowing for input on how others see me communicating, in regards to my ‘unknown self’.  I really don’t want to know things that may alter the comfort level I feel. That is an aspect of others being judgmental, which I believe is a negative trait. So accepting others input can be difficult. I will have to think of it as being a positive tool for improvement and not a negative factor in a relationship.
With all this being said, I have to make sure that when I have conversations with parents regarding their children I am positive and in the moment. I have to be cognisant of my communications skills and the influences on that conversation.
            Whether there is room for improvement or my interpersonal communication skills are acceptable (balanced in my view), one thing I am sure of is, that I am consistent and treat everyone equally during my interactions.
Are you aware of how you communicate?

I share this with all of you because we work in a job where communication is tremendously important. Parents, children and co-workers must be understood, and in turn we must make ourselves clear to them. We must be approachable and carry on positive interactions at all times.


  1. I think you are a great communicator who is a very deep thinker:)

  2. Hey Leeanne, I think we were twins separated at birth... seriously, about 99% of this post could be about me. Especially the bit about being too open!

    I find that I can accept the negatives from people but I have trouble keeping them in proportion- I'll tend to think they are automatically right and I'm wrong, and then beat myself up about it. Not constructive!

    So rest assured that you are not struggling alone to be your best self.

  3. LOL thanks Deborah!
    Too funny Annie - I think many of us in a child related field are very outgoing and this can be part of our communication transgression.