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Saturday, 11 June 2011

I'm addicted to garage sales!

Ok I just have to admit I am totally addicted to garage sales and I love the stuff I find for next to nothing. In fact today I got so many things for FREE that I was elated!

 This puzzle shelf with 6 quality wooden puzzles was $6 - a bargain for sure - the puzzle shelf alone is $14 or more retail.

FREE - yes free - a doll toilet that actually makes a flushing sound!! LOL! All classroom doll centres need one! :) 

Then there is a pile of at least 20 plexiglass panels - for FREE! I can't wait to use them on the light table I got last weekend for $5. I simply e-mailed a plastic company and asked if they would donate them and they said YES! It was a bit of a drive to go and get them but hey it gave me and my hubby an opportunity to go out and eat!

While I was getting the plexiglass I picked up these droppers and syringes 39 cents each - a bargain since they are hard to find.
To add to this little pile of stash I got 4 tires to climb on in the playground for FREE! A wooden bookcase and a computer desk for $15 to set up my FREE computer on. Eight video tapes for $2 to view on rainy days, which will be played on the TV/VCR combo I got last year for $5. I also got a bus shaped tent for FREE that can be used outside. I have one for inside that they love, so having this one is a bonus!
Then for a few quarters here and there I got some balls, a little metal bus, some maracas and play food for our kitchen.
Sooooo for about $30 - a day of togetherness with my hubby - I have furniture to set up my computer centre and cool toys and things to keep us entertained for a few weeks! :)

Stay tuned for many more adventures in garage sale hunting!!

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