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Monday, 13 June 2011

Playing with colour

I was lucky enough to pick up these plexiglass panels this weekend for FREE - the kids loved them!
They could colour mix - test which ones were translucent, opaque, or transparent.
I don't think they will get tired of playing with these.


  1. I made my own:) Plan to blog about it soon!

    1. I would love to know how you made them!

  2. Oh cool - I'd love to see how you did it!
    I simply called a plastic company and then went and picked them up - they gave them to me for free!
    I am going to sand the edges to make them smooth - they are a tad sharp!

  3. Hi! New here, just looking around, and I think you have a great blog!!
    A little request, is it possible to give the posts labels? So much easier to navigate!

    And welcome to my blog too:
    www.forskoleburken.blogspot.com (translator top right hand corner)

  4. Hi Maria - thanks for viewing my blog and thanks for the suggestion - I have created the labels - hope you find it easier now! I am brand new to blogging so I appreciate the suggestions and I thank my online friends for their help in getting me on track!

  5. Great, thank you so much for this!! Will be looking round even more now.