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Monday, 6 June 2011

Colour Mixing - Follow up!

So today we revisited our colour mixing activity and it went well! 

We each took turns using the droppers and mixing the colours. We got the desired result with no difficulty. The children followed the colour chart for mixing the correct colours. (As seen in the previous post.)
We had reviewed the colours we knew so that the younger children would be able to help identify the colours we were using. In a toddler classroom we have children at different skill levels, so reviews are always important.

Some of the children could use the droppers independantly and others required a bit of assitance, but everyone was anxious to mix their own colours.  
Once we finished with the droppers we moved to the light table to view colour mixing through the baggies of coloured water. At first the baggies had too much water in them, and the colour change was so faint we could hardly see it. So we had to dump out some of the water.
My light table is on an angle it does not lay flat - a flat one would have been better.

Still too much!

OK it was getting there!

We liked this result!

The blue and yellow to make green was really cool!

Neat eh?!


  1. I love how well you can see the color on these! Looks like putting it in the ziplock bags really made a difference!

  2. I think we will do this again but in a different way - hum wait for a follow up! :)