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Thursday, 9 June 2011

Today we went buggy!

They're creepy and their crawly - and no I'm not talking about my toddlers - LOL
I'm talking about all those bugs out there that are appearing in this warm June weather. Time to examine them up close and personal.

At first we explored bugs that didn't wiggle and squiggle to avoid any fears. We only wanted to encourage curiosity.

 The bug photos came from exploring the internet.

Then we made our own bug catcher from a large sized spice jar and a small sifter! Here we are cutting holes in the lid.
Adding the sifter to cover the holes so the bugs couldn't climb out!

A few of us went out into our garden (see Children's Garden post) and collected bugs - then brought them in to show our friends.
With four toddlers out in the garden, I couldn't take pictures and collect bugs at the same time - sorry for that.

Do you see the dragon fly in the bottom?

He later climbed to the top! :)

There is also a spider on the stick - to the right.

Trying to find the ant!

A closer look.

The bugs are a hit!

At the end of the day we released our friends back into our garden!
This class will be prepared to discover more about insects next year.

Here is a link for Montessori insect cards:

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