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Sunday, 5 June 2011

Colour Mixing

This activity was really fun!

We used the droppers to place coloured water into the small dishes and observed the mixed colours. We also lined the clear bottles up and shone a flashlight through them and viewed the colour they made on the surface of a white piece of paper we placed behind them.

I wasn't blogging when we did this - so I will repeat this activity to take pictures and show you our results.

Some colours did not mix when we shone the light through the bottles. I was told by 'Science Bob' that the rounded bottles threw my experiment off. He said I should have tried putting the colours into ziplock bags and hold them up to a window for better results. He also said to experiment with how much coloring to use for the best effect.
OK this weeks activity! :) This will give me a good reason to use my new light table!

The blue and yellow to make green worked great - so did red and yellow to make orange - but not as well - the blue and red to make purple did not work at all.

Here are Science Bob's Links:

Update to follow! :)


  1. How interesting to know that you should use baggies instead of bottles!

  2. Love your little poster! I have had the same problem with the red and purple when mixing different coloured playdoh. Have to really get the ratio's right! Quite trick! :)

  3. Well let's see if the baggies work! :)
    I wish I knew where I got the poster - I have been storing so many things on my computer for a long time - most stuff I have no link to! Sadly!