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Sunday, 26 June 2011

Created resources

If I can't find what I want - I try and make what I need in my classroom! I have created dolls as individual as we are - showing diversity in the classroom is important, to feel like we belong!
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  1. These are so adorable! Did you make up the pattern?

    I'm working on my first amigurumi crocheted doll right now - a baby for my youngest daughter.

  2. Love that they are soft to cuddle and hold. Thanks for sharing! So unique

  3. Thanks Ladies!
    I can't read patterns I just make them up as I go along!
    They are very cuddly and small (8 to 10 Inches).

  4. Are they durable? We are supposed to wash stuffed animals (dolls) weekly.

  5. Yes - I use washable yarns and stuffing - I like to hand wash them though. I also bring them out for 'special occasion' - so they are not out for weeks on end!