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Friday, 17 June 2011

Water Play

Often the best moments are the times when we have an impromptu, relaxing, do nothing day! Since today was Friday, and our senior classes were having their graduation, we decided to head outside with our sensory tubs and waterplay toys. We put them out on the middle of the playground and filled them up with the hose. So for an hour and a half the children had a very joyful morning!

The water bins were like magnets for the tots to play in.

There were a variety of items in there to play with. Sponges, funnels, fish, shovels, plant pots with holes..... you name it, we put it in.

I also made these sponge balls which the kids said looked like spiders. :)

The balls are made by cutting rectangular sponges into 1/2 inch strips - gathering about 8 strips in the centre and securing them together with an elastic band. That's it - easy and fun!
I wish I had bigger bins and more of them. I have to remember to bring my kiddie pools next week!

Um isn't this what we do with the funnels? :)

I spy with my little eye....

Some of my friends needed to get a little more wet!

As you can see most of the tots clothes ended up on the fence to dry!

Aw refreshing!

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