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Wednesday, 15 June 2011

French with props

Our French teacher has used props to teach the words for common objects, which the children have learned to identify. This has been very effective in prompting the children to quickly express what they have memorized. In turn they have also used similar objects within the classroom, to prompt their friends to use the French words for the objects they play with. This has also given the classroom teachers opportunity to randomly ask the children the French words at times outside of the French lesson.
Here they are learning modes of transportation.

A close up view of the vehicles.

The children can also identify the fruits and vegetables and other objects shown here in French.

Colours and shapes are identified in French using these props.
 Flashcards placed into plastic sleeves in a binder are used to teach many other things - among them are the parts of the body.
The toddlers have learned so much this year - our French teacher will have to kick it up a notch for next year! I am more than sure the toddlers will rise to the occasion! :)

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