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Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Counting to 10

One of the parents, of a new child in my class, came to me and said, she was so surprised her son started counting to 10. I told her that was wonderful, and get ready for him to count to 20, because that's what we normally count to. I told her we also count to 20 in French. She was surprised. Her shock makes me wonder if parents actually are aware of the programs they sign their kids up for.
The children in my class are so smart - they blow my mind! But then again if children are presented with challenges - they often achieve them - with repetition and if we present them in many forms to keep them interested.

I love these videos that present counting in french!


  1. Leeanne when I was teaching I often found that even the kids had no idea what subject they had enrolled in! They just turned up on the first day of term and then expected me to explain everything.

    And I couldn't agree more - treat children like they are capable, and inquisitive and worthy of the effort and they will reward you tenfold

  2. Amazing isn't it! It always makes me laugh when people suggest that I couldn't possibly be teaching toddlers anything! What the heck! LOL
    If I didn't think children were capable of all I present to them, then I should quit my job!