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Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Gross Motor Batons in action

OK we finally got to use our batons today - it rained so we decided to turn on some fun dance music and move to the beat.
We bend down low to tap on the floor and reach up high to tap in the sky.
 Then we tap to the left and tap to the right.

Drumming up and down!

Tapping the ends together and rolling them around!

Tapping behind our back!

However we move, the batons give us greater motion - wider - faster and harder. They allow us to tap with the beat of the music. We stick around a little longer - the batons give us insentive to stay in the action. We can conduct the music and lead the band. What can I say - the batons simply add to the fun!

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  1. The kids are so cute and they seem to be having so much fun!

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