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Tuesday, 30 August 2011

'D' is for DANCE!

Here in Ontario Canada the weather can present us with moments we would rather be inside. It’s too hot – too cold – rainy or just not conducive for extended play outside. So what we like to do is provide a lot of gross motor activities that can be implemented indoors. One of our favorites is DANCE! We love to throw on some happy tunes and kick up our heels. It’s all about free movement – and letting loose!
Some of our favorite tunes are:
Hands Up  and
The Twist

Dance is for all ages – from the youngest toddler to the eldest friends (me). Everyone wiggles and bops to the beat, with a smile and a giggle. Whenever the urge strikes us we put on a tune and get our bodies moving. To extend the experience, we have dance ribbons and batons which enhances our movement. They assist us in moving in new ways - we experiment with these ‘aids’ allowing our muscles to get a good workout.

As I stated in my Music and Movement post on my blog:

The development of language and memory skills - co-operation and socialization - co-ordination and balance, are supported with music and movement. We are energized and motivated to continue our daily lessons, when we are able to get up and move or burst into song. We are simultaneously building so many important developmental skills, so it would be imperative to have music and movement in the classroom whenever possible. The introduction of music and movement ensures a positive classroom experience. What a great way to let loose and enhance those dramatic urges inside us. 
If dance is not a part of your everyday classroom routine, I would suggest you implement it as soon as you can – daily gratification will be your reward.

*As a part of a 20,000 day celebration on Teach Preschool Deborah J Stewart asked her peers to take part in sharing the ABC's of Teaching Preschool. I was honoured to join in! I hope you visit her blog to see the other wonderful posts in this celebration series.

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  1. Leeanne, I've been looking for that song for years! I love indoor movement ideas since it is often too hot here to go out for long periods. Dance is definitely one of my favorites. We have a lot of fun and get plenty of exercise! :)

  2. I actually got the song on a dollar store CD for kids! We have made up our own dance to go with it - it's amazing the toddlers memorized the movements!

  3. Thank you for joining Leeanne! I was playing some Greg and Steve in my classroom today and everyone was doing a little dance!!

  4. DANCE, DANCE, DANCE...and pretty soon you'll move without even thinking about it! Great points Leeanne, things that I think every parent and teacher should know=)

  5. I'm so grateful to our Deborah for so many things, but her connecting us -- one to another as bloggers is my fave contribution of hers today, as I bop across the Alphabet & meet the rest of the letters.

    I got to expound on the letter M for Music & of course make a few references to dance in the process. I invite you to swing thru when you have the opportunity. I look forward to getting further acquainted.


  6. Music is so cool Leeanne and dance is such a great way to engage EVERYONE especially when you throw in actions, props or instruments ... such fun!
    Donna :) :)

  7. We dance and sing at least half the day...pretty much each day! :) love it!

  8. I believe dancing is not only highly beneficial but it is also the cure for any classroom problem. Just start singing and dancing and everything is instantly all better :)

    Vanessa @Pre-K Pages

  9. Super post! It reminds me of a saying "Those who say sunshine brings happiness have never danced in the rain!"

  10. Thanks for all your kind supportive comments! :)

  11. I love this post Leeanne! I think we will add some dance to our circle time in the morning!!

  12. Leeanne...what a lovely topic and now I have some more songs that I can use! Thanks to Deb for exposing me to you all and the immense amount of resources that exist (chiefly you all) through this very innovative concept!

    I've used a lot of Raffi, Mary Poppins (Step In Time) and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (Me Ol' Bamboo)which are v.highly in demand in our neck of the weeds. Hence, could not resist doing a thematic unit on Dance.

  13. Whenever we dance the mood lifts immediately. Great post!

  14. We love to 'Shake our Silly's out, and Wiggle our Waggles away' as often as we can! LOL :)