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Monday, 1 August 2011

Gross Motor Batons

A couple of weeks ago we had Monkeynastix ( http://www.monkeynastix.ca/ ) come to our centre and do gross motor activities with our kids - they had so much fun. In my classroom we do a lot of gross motor activities and stretching; just as I did with the children in my karate program. I thought why not expand that and add some of the activities we learned the other day. One involved using batons to assist in stretching and large muscle movement. My dilemma was, how was I going to source the batons. I could not find them anywhere for purchase. There were batons for runners at $1.50 each on line, but they did not have the grips on the ends, which I felt were needed so that the batons didn't fly out of small hands. So it came to me - make them! Here is my version for about $1.40 a pair, with grips.

First purchase a 10 foot piece of PVC 3/4" pipe - this makes 12 - 10 " batons

Cut into 10" sections - we used a hacksaw.

You will need 3/4" Vinyl leg tips

They need to be softened in hot water - this makes them easier to put on the ends of the pipe sections. Purchase enough to cover each end of all the batons you wish to make!

Be very careful when you put them on - you may bang a knuckle or two - press the end down on a very hard surface (floor suggested) - push until the leg tip is on as far as it will go - flush with the end of the pipe.
You may notice there is printing on the pipes - you can clean it off with nail polish remover. The lettering came off the beige completely but not off the white - it only faded. I hope to decorate these with gymnastics reflective tape later on - but I like how the plain ones look!

Now I have enough for all the kids to have two each! I will post pictures tomorrow of how these are used! In the mean time you can go to the Monkeynastix sight to see them used in their little video on the home page.


  1. Oooh, I can't wait to see what you are doing with them!

  2. Oh, you could put beans or rice inside to make noisy batons!! :o)

  3. OH That's why I love sharing - you guys give me great ideas as well! Love that Andie - I will have to make some more - with sound!