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Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Ribbons in action!

Here are pictures of our ribbons in action! We put on dance music and wiggled and swirled our ribbons to the beat! It was so much fun we did it in the morning and late afternoon!
I am so glad all the efforts in making them paid off!
This is our after school group - ages 18 months to 6 or 7 years of age - they all fit in and had a great time!

With all the vigorous use I discovered I should heat seal the ends of all the ribbons with the flame from a lighter, to prevent fraying. Only a few unraveled, but I wanted to prevent any others from doing the same. I then decided I may as well glue the ribbons at the knots so they would not come off the rings and balloon sticks. Prevention saves a lot of hassle later on!
Click this link to see how we made these fun toys! Ribbons

I am storing them on/in a paper tube propped in a basket with ribbons laying inside.

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