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Sunday, 11 December 2011

Elf on the Shelf for $1

OK there is no way I was going to pay $34.99 for an elf and a book! I am after all the garage sale Queen! I did have a gift certificate for the book store - but the 'Elf on the Shelf' was unavailable. Lucky for me - because on the way home I thought why not go to the thrift shop - I bet I could find an elf there I could use!
...and I did!

As I cruised the odds n' ends bags - guess what I saw?!
My heart pounded - I was so excited and $1.99 OMG what a find!
Two items in the bag = my elf is $1 - yippy!

A tad out of sorts - but nothing major that couldn't be fixed!

He even had this great little hand made needle point box!

All fixed up - what a gem!

With a little internet exploring I can put together the story well enough to share our very own Christmas Elf with the tots in my classroom! I even found a multitude of other resources to make this a really fun adventure!

Here are some links for you to have fun as well:
Magic elf printables - you will find a passport - note pad and letters!
Make-Your-Own-Elf-On-the-Shelf  - fun ideas for your own elf adventure!
elfing around freestuff - Letters - gift tag - colouring sheets!
elf-on-shelf - ideas to hide your elf!
elf-on-the-shelf-name-ideas - yup - name ideas!
magic-elf-key-for-our-elf-on-shelf - magic key for your elf!

Elf on the Shelf official site - videos here to add to the tale!

Media story - Opinion regarding the use of the story here!

Well 'Our Elf' will begin visiting our classroom tomorrow - let's see how it goes! I'll report in later. :)

Here he is 'Stanley' watching over the tots!
He's on top of our calendar board.

He came with his passport...

.... and report book!

Oh and Stanley brought some presents to count! :)

The children responded well - we had a good day! :)

Added link: elf-on-shelf-freebie


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