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Friday, 9 December 2011

I Spy Christmas Tubes

I was inspired by Teach Preschools candy cane sensory tubes to make these for my classroom and they were a hit!
I didn't want anything liquid - I have some really rough and tumble boys this year - I was not going to take any chances of slick floors - so mine just have treasures to seek inside much like my Christmas I Spy Jars.
We didn't have the candy cane tubes here so I used these:

There are mini ornaments inside.
They once held horrible jelly beans - so no great loss to dump them. :)

The red bead like filler is plastic melts for stain glass creative.

The kids are having fun shaking them as well - the sound they make is like a maraca. So they are not just a visual sensory toy but a sound toy as well.


  1. I really, really wanted to make I Spy tubes but never did!!! I might just have to squeeze them in as gifts for my kids:)

  2. Go for it Deborah - it was you that inspired these! :)

  3. I love this! I want to make them for my kids as a Christmas gift. Would you mind letting me what exactly and where you purchased the items? Thank you so much, Caterina

  4. At our local dollar store!The tubes were sold with jelly beans in them - I simply dumped them out and put in small Christmas ornaments and melt beads which I got at a reuse centre.