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Monday, 5 December 2011

Our Christmas Gift & Christmas Bulletin Board

I try to make sure that the parents of the children in my class get a vision of what their child has experienced in my classroom during the school year. So each Christmas and Mothers Day the families get a CD which I create from the photos we take on a daily basis. One of the reasons for this is that children cannot always communicate with their parents what has transpired throughout their day and sadly there are still parents who think we just change diapers and colour! I still get comments like, "Joey was counting to 20 the other day, I don't know where he learned that!" What the heck?!?! LOL Well once they get their CD's those comments go away! So here is what we did this year for our 'Gift'.

Here is the CD in hand stamped CD covers

The ornaments on the tree have pictures of the children on them and LOTS of glitter!
They will go home with the CD for the parents to hang on the tree.

This is for the children - Chocolates and a Christmas pencil with eraser for the kiddies to enjoy!

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