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Saturday, 31 December 2011

Teaching Essentials

It's amazing how each and every year I add to my stash of essential resources for teaching. Those resources have certainly changed over the years. Especially since technology has changed. I think of all the things I have provided for the children in my charge with out technology. Not to mention the hours and hours of prep time it took to make sure I could provide all I had envisioned in my mind.
At this time in my career I have a few essential tools to help with my task of providing a full and fun program.

First I got on to a computer - I am a late bloomer - I have only been on the computer since approximately 1990 (perhaps later than that). Wow this computer thing is really cool eh?! LOL Having really good programs is important to assisting in the creation of all those ideas stashed in my brain! I have had many different publisher programs - which I adore - I couldn't live without them. Now I have a husband who is 'Mr. Computer' and he can add anything I request. Of course that means that a printer is in order because you definitely have to print off all those ideas that you find and create!
The best part about being on the computer is meeting all the other great educators through blogging - Facebook and other social networks. Those people inspire me like I have never been inspired before!

The next important thing for me is a laminator - I LOVE MY LAMINATOR!
I recently had to purchase a new one since I jammed up my older one.
That was a sad day - I wanted to cry! :( Fellow laminator addicts know what I mean!

Now I have recently purchased Cricuts - OMG my new addiction!
If you don't know what they are - they are personal die cut machines to make letters and images for bulletin boards - calendars - class projects etc. Some people use them for scrap booking!
I got mine from Kijiji - the large machine was only used once - just not the ladies cup of tea - her hubby bought it for her as a Birthday present - she's not a crafty person. The small machine I got from a young lady who updated hers to a larger machine - it is in immaculate condition. I have already used both and they work like a dream - I can't wait to put up my bulletin board and have the children make their first project! I will definitely post pictures when I get back to school in a week or so.
I am so glad I have hobbies where I make additional income - because that paid for my new toys. :)
I got the 2 machines and 4 cartridges plus a 'Jukebox' (seen below) for the price of one of the smaller machines, retail.

Pictured below is the Jukebox - which holds up to 6 cartridges.
I don't have to keep switching cartridges as I create.

Here are the cartridges which have the designs available to cut.
Each one has many choices and there are many others available.

I am just so happy I am able to have all the resources I find essential to creating the things I want to enhance my classroom and my activities!


  1. I am so inspired by your blog and it has really been helpful to me in so many ways (activity ideas for my toddler and being more frugal).

    Congratulations on your Cricut and more! I am so excited to see the things you use it for. I wanted to share with you the site I use to buy cartridges...they have a ton for just $16.00. It is cricutmachine.com. It is very legit. I have ordered quite a few things from them and have always been very satisfied. I hope you find it useful too.

    Thanks again for your blog!

  2. Thanks for your kind words Shelly and thanks for the link - I just ordered a few things - I am excited to see how it goes!
    Feel free to share some of your ideas here with other readers!