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Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Our Toddlers Shave! :)

Today we had a spontaneous experience - which was brought on by someone claiming they had a moustache! LOL I told the little lad that he was much too young for a moustache so we had to shave it off. Then some of his friends decided they would shave as well - claiming they too had moustaches.
So off to the bathroom we went with shaving cream in hand!

Lathering up!

Like this?

Some of us may have gotten carried away!

Even the girls got involved!


We didn't use a razor - we simply wiped it off with paper towel but it was sooooo fun!
Deborah Stewart from Teach Preschool has a good suggestion below - use a craft stick to shave it off!
If this wasn't such an impromptu activity we may have thought of that - LOL


  1. Haha - that is too funny!!! You could use a craft stick to "shave" it off!

  2. Awesome idea Deborah - I have included your idea in the post and a link to your information! :) You always inspire me!