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Monday, 30 May 2011

Children's Lands - Part two

Each week we see our gardens developing and growing - the entire school has joined in and we are hoping to see the results of our labours soon!
Today the toddlers added more plants and we hope to see our seeds pop up soon!

Each class has their own space to create their garden. Some are layed out in a pattern.

Some are small!

Some are bigger!

All together they create one huge garden!
This once dull brown space is now turning into a very colourful garden. We can't wait to see it fully grown in.


  1. I want to try this with my kids one day. I just didnt think I could ever get a seed to actually sprout! I've tried to the plants in a cup thing with them, but not one of them sprouted. This can really be a relaxing thing for not only them but for me.

  2. Yeah most of our seedlings died - but we still have one sunflower and it looks like 2 bean plants - the rest were larger plants when planted. I just hope to get some sunflower seeds and beans for the kids to eat! I would be fun to see them try them and for them to know it's the plants they grew!