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Monday, 16 May 2011

With a Little help from our friends!

In a toddler classroom you can expect some tears, but if we have developed supportive and trusting friendships, the tears shouldn’t last too long.
We all need those little moments of alone time - to deal with our emotions. This little fellow decided he needed to time himself out, so he got out a cushion and lay down to have a break.
Moments later one of his classroom friends decided to join him in his moment of sorrow!

Soon all his friends decided he should not be in this alone, and joined the pity party!

The conclusion to this episode was giggles and laughter - everyone including the first little boy forgot what brought them to the cushion in the first place.  J


  1. Oh sweet Leanne! Over the years I've noticed that boys do tend to like to take themselves away from the play when things go wrong, often not wanting ANY adult intervention. But just like the men they grow into, they really do want someone to notice!
    Donna :) :)