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Friday, 13 May 2011

Identifying animals with the roll of the dice!

In our classroom we often imitate and make animal sounds - sing animal songs - talk about animals - but I wasn't really sure if the toddlers could identify the animals that we include in our program activities. I made these animal dice; one with wild animals - one with domestic and one with farm animals. I asked the children to choose one - roll it and identify the animal, mimic the sound and move like the animal that showed up on their roll. It went OK - but I want to introduce it a few times so that they can start to play independantly with friends. Some further animal knowledge needs to be gained in order to make that happen. So we will do this as a group activity for awhile.
I searched for a template to make easy paper dice. Then I searched for images that would be fun to idenitfy - overlayed them onto the dice template - printed them - then I laminated the sheets after printing - assembled the dice after I cut them out - making sure to score the lines so they folded easily. Finally I taped all open edges so the children would not pull them apart.

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