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Friday, 27 May 2011

Sign Language in the classroom

I have always used sign language with the children I have worked with. I started working in the field of special education, family support services and residential care, where sign language was essential to communicate with most of my kids. However I have also used sign with hearing children who have communication skills, to support the path to full communication from an early age. In the toddler classrooms sign has eased some frustrations for those toddlers who may not have full verbal skills. Simple signs can be taught with no difficulty and the children catch on very quickly. Using sign as a part of everyday communication and routine makes signing familiar and instinctive. Signing with my son, who is autistic, was a great support until his verbal skills caught up with his desire to express his needs. Sign Language can make a classroom more inclusive, whether there are hearing impaired children or not.

My students signing.....

Thank you



These are some easy signs that you can use in your classroom!

These two sites have some great simple signs for kids!
Baby Sign Language is great as well!


  1. I always say - start out by using a couple of simple signs like - 'please' - 'thank-you' - 'Yes' and 'No'. There are a few sites that you can teach yourself the signs from - including YouTube videos. Once you get comfortable using them on a regular basis add a couple more.