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Wednesday, 25 May 2011

I have toes!

Toddlers seem to be facinated with their body parts  - and they should be - humans are facinating! We read these two really cute books - then we did some body movement exercises, stretching, jumping etc. (which they loved). Followed up with making our foot prints - which will go in our yearbook gift to Dads on Fathers Day.
Today we will re-read the books and then talk about how we are all similar than different - we all have toes - we all have eyes, noses, ears, arms ...... This is a great anti-bias activity!

Today we added Toddler directed drawings of our body parts!

We started with the head and face - all the toddlers said this was their MOM!! LOL

We then sang head and shoulders in English and French and did more body movement exercises!
Oh and we sang my made up belly button song which is a hit where ever I go!! :)

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