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Friday, 6 May 2011

Froebels gifts!

"Froebel recognized that a ball is often a first or favorite toy of infants. It is lightweight and easy to grasp or hold. For Froebel, the ball symbolized unity because it is a complete whole, a pure form. The whole is the beginning of understanding and everything else is derived from the whole."
While studying Froebel - the creator of Kindergarten - I discovered his gifts. Above is the first 'gift' - which I decided to make and add to my Montessori classroom. The children loved them! They sorted and categorized them - swung them around - counted them - lined them up - identified their colours and simply enjoyed them. Play was endless! I am glad I took the time to make them and introduce them to my kids!

1 comment:

  1. That is SO neat! Man, I wish I could still crochet! My Grandma taught me how to make Grandy Squares when I was young!I tried to re-teach myself how to do it, but my hands won't cooperate now!I just can't get the yarn tight enough!
    Love the new blog! And Thank You SO Much for Sharing my Links! <3 Good Luck!!