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Friday, 13 May 2011

Hey that's my name!

My toddlers are brilliant! Yes I said it - brilliant!! I may be a tad bias but hey, they can read their name and the names of all their classmates and teachers as well! I made these flashcards (8.5x11) from brightly coloured copy paper. This derived from the desire to have them identify the letters of the alphabet. The first letter of their name is made prominently which assists in quick identification. We do these each day as a part of our circle time routine. The kids have perfected the skill of reading all 20 or so names that they now like to read them off as fast as they can. As new children and adults come into their lives - we add their names as well!


  1. They must be brilliant like you! I love the colorful names and how you emphasized the first letter of each name. Learning to read and write a child's name is one of the first steps towards building literacy! Looks like your students are well on their way!

  2. Literacy is one of my primary focuses! So important to develop socialization and self esteem!

  3. Thank you for sharing this creative idea! I am going to make these cards!