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Friday, 13 May 2011

Alligator ride!

I remember my mother telling me a story of a man who lived across the street - he owned a tortoise and he used to let the kids in the neighbourhood ride on it - but riding on an alligator? LOL
Now in 2011 our kids would be lucky enough to ride a bike - with helmet, elbow and knee pads - with a tracking device attached and a parent running at their side! This just makes me wonder if our kids are missing out on some amazing experiences, because we are over protecting them. Not that I would allow a child to ride an alligator - but hey! What do you think?


  1. I think kids do miss out on some amazing experiences. Between the draw of technology and being overly concerned with safety, the tendency is to do nothing at physically active at all. We need to get out there and get a few bumps and scrapes:) But I still wouldn't let my grand baby ride on the back of that alligator! LOL!

  2. Our children certainly have very different experiences today to what we had as children but I sometimes wonder why that is. I mean on one hand parents today say THEIR parents are old fashioned fuddy-duddy's yet THEY allowed us to have all of these wonderful experience WHICH we boast about having 'cos they were SO much FUN!!... Yet it is parents today who are saying to their children ... NO, NO, NO, you might get hurt! I wonder which generation really IS the fuddy duddy generation! I mean come on, that little girl is riding an ALLIGATOR! WOW!!!
    Okay ... I can't imagine I would ever have allowed my children to ride an alligator either, but (I hope) you know what I mean. An alligator back then equates to ... I don't know ... roller blades today! Hee ... hee!
    Donna :) :)

  3. LOL I get what you are saying!
    I have had to talk to a couple of my parents - in a professional manner - to back off their kids and stop smothering them! It breaks my heart that some kids really miss out because parents don't see what they are doing to their children.
    I'm definitely not saying toss your child into a gators jaws - but hey allow them to experience and explore their world!