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Saturday, 7 May 2011

A complete classroom is just a Garage Sale away!

Here are a few things I have found at garage sales for my classroom!
I have literally filled my classroom with garage sale finds. There is nothing we don't have. Everything from books to puppets - I have found it all for next to nothing - or nothing if I beg - and I am not beyond begging for my kids! I also haunt thrift stores! As long as the items are clean - unbroken and usable - at a bargain basement price - I will grab it! The kids are happy and I am happy because we have something to do all day long and at the drop of a hat I can switch up all the materials in the room to keep things fresh!
One of the favorite shelves in the room!


  1. And please add Freecycle as a possibility to outfitting a classroom too.

  2. I love thrift stores, or Op Shops as we call them, people can often not believe the items that I have brought into work and I love having a variety of materials.